Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.
Internet Financial Services

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Financial and investment services
Improve customer loyalty and increase customer base in the highly competitive financial services market.
A custom web site which provides Schwab customers with access to brokerage account information, investment tools, company research and real-time trading.
Customer Benefits:
Schwab customers now have easier access to current information and powerful tools to make investment decisions.  Schwab maintains its market leadership position by providing universal access and new, innovative services to its customers.

In June 1998, Charles Schwab & Co. Inc. announced that retail investors now buy and sell more than $2 billion in securities each week through its web trading system.  The site handled approximately $26 billion in transactions during the first quarter of 1998, exceeding some other companies in Web commerce, such as Dell Computer Corp., America Online, and

Key Technologies:
Universal access via the Internet and any web browser; custom programming to link the web site to IBM transaction processing mainframes.